Vincent Lima

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Currently based out of a small town in California called Los Angeles, Vincent Lima is a zero-time Grammy winning musician who has been heralded by the associated press as “probably not the next big thing” and “who? how’d you get this number?” So what does the future hold for this complete and utter anomaly of a man? Perhaps he'll buy a ring light on Amazon prime and skyrocket to overnight internet superstardom, resulting in a massive world tour with Olivia Rodrigo or Taylor Swift or Nickelback.

In any case, will he ever stop releasing incredibly vulnerable emotional music? Will he ever get a small blue check next to his name, thus cementing him as a person of societal importance? And will he ever (as sources close to him claim) stop crying alone while writing all his songs? Most likely not. Regardless, his music is definitely worth listening to in the opinion of this humble biography writer who definitely is a person other than Vincent Lima.

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